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New Look for Established Garden, Summertown

The main garden had been largely dominated by a shed/office (now removed and replaced by a more substantial building further down the garden). Advertised on Freecycle, the shed was quickly taken away. This left a paved base area, with adjacent lawn and ill-defined side beds. (The trampoline was to stay, but it would be moved frequently to allow the grass to grow.)

By introducing intersecting circular lawns and a rustic arch as a focal point at the end of a stepping stone path, the garden was given structure and would draw the visitor out to explore. There would be red-stemmed cornus to the right of the arch, to give winter colour, and herbaceous planting in the new flower beds, with woven hazel panel fencing to the right. The shed base was removed and the patio re-shaped to complement the curves; the lawns were edged with bricks, existing shrubs were pruned and some removed altogether. A Malus ‘John Downie’ crab apple was added for its fruit and autumn colour.